Music industry gained in Spain last year, increased streaming AND physical sales

Information about the Spanish recorded music industry came to light over the weekend, with an optimistic report from Promusicae, a member organization of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

There were three headline points for the Spanish recording industry in 2017:

  • There was “a concentration of important releases in the fourth quarter
  • physical sales rose slightly on the backs of those releases
  • One and a half million people subscribe to streaming music services, a 50% increase from 2016.

The report represents a kind of first draft, with a final accounting still under preparation. At that time we should get a fuller set of numbers, including revenue and share-of-digital.

In 2016 streaming subscriptions rose 37%, to 62-million Euros, as we reported a year ago. A 50% increase from that performance could bring revenue close to 100-million Euros for 2017.


Brad Hill