Most podcasters quick to adopt AI. And like it. (Survey)

Seventy-four percent of surveyed podcasters use generative AI. That, according to a podcast study called Creativity In the Age of AI, from media editing company Descript. The study surveyed both podcasters and video creators. Of the two cohorts, podcasters are leaping into AI faster (64% of video creators use AI).

A survey of podcasters and video producers. Podcasters alone adopt AI at an even higher rate.

Among audio and video creators who don’t use AI, the most cited reason is “not familiar with tools” (45%). An additional whopping 39% simply haven’t gotten around to it yet,” indicating an acceptance and possibly an expectation of using AI. So, 85% of surveyed podcasters express a friendly disposition to using generative AI somewhere in the creation and production processes.

The study theorizes that podcasters lean into AI more eagerly than video creators because podcasters are generally less experienced with production technology. “There’s a lot of podcasters who are trying to do audio engineering and spending hours doing something that an audio engineer could do in minutes,” observes podcast Jay Clouse. “So if they can get an incremental gain in efficiency by paying for software, then yeah, seems like a worthwhile trade. And I think that is probably true in audio more so than any other platform.”

The study surveyed over a thousand creators, and does not break out the percentage of podcasters in the total group. But in a qualitative portion of the study, podcasters are identified and quoted.


“I’m sure that there will be robust AI driven tools or more generative AI capabilities built into tools that I use every day,” –Jay Clouse, Creator Science podcast


Podcasters who are not yet involved with AI cite the learning curve. “I’ve started watching AI videos on YouTube and there’s just so much,” says Danielle Desir Corbett, host of The Thought Card and a podcast marketing coach. “There’s so many of them with cool little tidbits of, ‘Did you know this trick or this hack?’ I think providing lots of examples is a good way to get people comfortable with what’s possible.”




Brad Hill