Mixcloud launches first wave of Select single-channel subscriptions

Mixcloud has started to roll out a fan-to-creator subscription option to its streaming service. Select lets listeners subscribe directly to individual Mixcloud channels and offer their direct support to favorite creators. Subscribers receive an enhanced listening experience on those channels, such as downloading shows for offline listening and viewing upfront tracklists.

To start, Select is only available for about 40 Mixcloud creators. The initial wave of participating channels include artists, independent online radio stations, record labels, and cultural curators. Prices are set by the creators, starting at $2.99 per month. The creators will receive a share in the subscription costs, but that revenue will also go toward the artists, labels, and publishers whose works are used in their shows.

“This is our pioneering move toward building a fair and sustainable ecosystem that works for audio creators, artists and listeners,” the company blog post reads. “We want to enable fans to get closer to the culture and communities they care about, while ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process is recognized and rewarded accordingly.”

Anna Washenko

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