Millennials’ relationship with podcasting is “strong” in GWI global report

Audience research firm GWI released a package of results from the company’s monumental annual survey of 970,000 internet users in 52 markets, via an online questionnaire. Called Meet the Millennials, the research topics cover broad swaths of lifestyle, general attitudes, and media consumption. This year’s report includes dedicated coverage of podcast consumption.

T0 start, time spent online by Millennials peaked in 2017 (within the context of this report’s timeline), at seven hours and 36 minutes on average. In the 2023 survey, average time spent online is 6:48.

The reporting on Millennial podcast consumption is detailed and compared to other generational demos. This report began measuring podcast consumption in 2019, and found that M’s listen just over an hour a day on average, as illustrated below. (Note that streaming music consumption exceeds podcasts.)

The podcast information is expanded in a dedicated slide presenting Millennials’ relationship with podcasts, and comparing it to other generational groups. It’s no surprise to anyone who follows podcast surveys that podcast listening skews young; here we learn that Millennials are the primary podcast champions among the four major age groups:

The report notes that podcasting is “booming,” and asserts that podcasting will be worth $4-billion in 2024. “Millennials are spearheading this growth,” it observes, noting that Millennials are 16% more likely than the average consumer to listen two hours a day.


“Not only are they spending more time listening than everyone else, they’re also the most engaged, with millennial podcast listeners being the most likely to discover brands while tuned in.” –Meet the Millennials


As a final point about Millennials, this report calculates that 11% of them discover new brands or products through podcast ads.

Brad Hill