Megyn Kelly moves her podcast to SiriusXM

In a deal whose details are undisclosed, ex-FOX-NBC anchor and interviewer Megyn Kelly will move her popular podcast (The Megyn Kelly Show) to SiriusXM on the Triumph Channel. Doing so moves the show behind a subscription paywall and out of the open podcast ecosystem. But it’s a windowing system — podcast followers will hear the show in a one-week delay.

The show will be a little longer, filling out a two-hour slot. The podcast, which has dropped 124 episodes, runs about 1:40 on average.

Kelly describes her content strategy as “third rail,” touching subjects that can lead to charged conversations and controversy. Guests range through the fields of politics, scientific research, and controversial current events.

At the time of this post, The Megyn Kelly Show ranks #64 in Apple’s U.S. chart of all podcast categories.

Brad Hill