Mdundo CEO discusses growth and African music economy

mdundo-canvasThe African on-demand streaming and download platform Mdundo was launched in Kenya in 2012. Today we learn that Mdundo has surpassed 1 million users, and has expanded to be a more international resource for African musicians and listeners. It is available as an Android app and a web service, and now has offices in Uganda and Tanzania.

CEO Martin Nielsen spoke positively of the expansion and of Mdundo’s business model in an interview. The company adopted the two-tier system common across the streaming industry, with an ad-supported free option and a premium subscription with a monthly fee. “Considering the different market dynamics – data prices, devices and especially payment methods – I think that this is the best model for the music industry,” he said. “Attracting a mass audience and convincing a share of them to pay for premium content and features is the way to achieve highest possible total revenue on the recordings.”

Mr. Nielsen said the company is seeing growth in its streaming side rather than downloads. He also noted that Mdundo was helping to curb piracy and make the African music landscape more sustainable for artists. “We believe that 2017 will be a very exciting year for Mdundo as well as music in Africa,” he said.

Anna Washenko