Podcast advertisers in November: Familiar brands plus the Pentagon

In Magellan AI’s just-released ranking of podcast ad spending, we see the continuation of a sameness trend. Eight of the top 15 companies have ranked in the list for eight straight months. And in November there are no new brands that haven’t appeared once in the past eight months of RAIN comparisons.

Here is RAIN’s tracking chart:

Magellan also released the monthly Top Movers & Shakers lists, which ranks brands which have increased their spend from the previous month, in order of total spend (not in order of percentage increase). Top of that list is Pentagon Federal Credit Union, which spent just under a million dollars in November, following $56,000 investment in October. Three companies leaped onto the Movers & Shakers list from zero spend the previous month: Etsy (crowd craft marketplace), CoolSculpting (cosmetic surgery and appearance products), and Glassdoor (employment intelligence).

We also see ExxonMobil and IKEA edging into podcasting in the Movers & Shakers list. See the list HERE.

Brad Hill