Libsyn’s links with YouTube to flow data into the AdvertiseCast marketplace

If that headline is a little too enigmatic, here’s what it means:

Podcast host Libsyn is announcing a data integration partnership with YouTube. The result is that data about podcast consumption on YouTube will flow into the Libsyn-owned AdvertiseCast advertising marketplace. “This connection enables Libsyn podcasters, brands, and advertisers to gain streamlined access to accurate insights on podcast downloads from YouTube,” says Libsyn.

Hooked into this, new features have been added to Libsyn’s hosting platform which encourage and facilitate publishing podcasts to YouTube in addition to standard RSS-powered distribution. YouTube metrics are IAB-compliant.

“Podcasters are increasingly uploading their shows to YouTube as both a distribution and marketing channel and AdvertiseCast is continuing to offer richer data and insights on campaign performance for brand partners,” said Anthony Savelli, SVP of Sales for AdvertiseCast. “YouTube is one of the most popular podcast listening platforms in the U.S. and usage share has steadily grown from 14% in 2019 to 24.2% in 2022. Libsyn was the first hosting company to support publishing podcasts to YouTube and this data integration furthers our commitment to the multi-channel approach and will provide better transparency to brands and advertisers.”

Today’s PR hints at more Libsyn/YouTube product announcements to come.

Brad Hill