Libsyn unique monthly audience is up to 116M, plus a Spanish podcast and Deezer deal

Libsyn shared some of its metrics from the second quarter, revealing growth in multiple areas of its podcast operation. The company said that during the first half of 2019, the number of podcasts hosted has increased 26% and the number of podcast networks on its LibsynPro service grew 25%. It also said that the 5.4 million active podcast episodes on its platform are reaching a unique monthly audience of 116 million.

“There continues to be opportunities for growth in podcasting,” Rob Walch, vice president of podcaster relations, said. “Large brands, entertainers and personalities see the value of podcasting to share intimate stories, behind the scenes insights and inspiration. We have the widest range of distribution options of any podcast host, creating a high level of engagement with a new and loyal fan base by ensuring content is available most everywhere audiences listen to audio.”

In addition to the general growth, Libsyn recently announced a partnership with Deezer. Shows hosted by Libsyn will be available on Deezer’s platform, which boasts its own audience of 14 million active users across 180 countries.

Libsyn also announced the launch of a new Spanish language podcast. Industry veteran and Libsyn Community Manager Elsie Escobar hosts Sobre Podcasting, offering a look at the podcast world from a perspective outside the United States.

“The Spanish speaking podcast community is expansive and diverse, yet underserved on the business and technical strategy side,” Escobar said. “Each country has its own culture, its own accent, and its own way of doing things. Producing a podcast that nurtures collaboration and commonality while providing Spanish-speaking podcasters timely news and trends seemed overdue. It stands to impact millions who are only now learning about the power of audio podcasts.”

Anna Washenko