Libsyn acquires Auxbus for podcast creation

One of the world’s largest podcast hosts, Libsyn, has acquired the Auxbus podcast creation platform. The deal expands Libsyn’s suite of podcast hosting and measurement, adding tools for planning and recording shows. Auxbus has developed proprietary (patent-pending) tech that automates parts of the audio creation process.

Auxbus feature diagram

The PR about this acquisition lists the following Auxbus features:

  • Content guide that answers podcasters’ questions, includes links to learn more, and provides
    playable examples;
  • Show organizational tools to save users time on every episode, including writing show
    descriptions, uploading artwork, and creating reusable intros, outros, and calls-to-action;
  • Easy recording with any microphone: professional XLR, USB, wired and built-in;
  • Automatic episode assembly and sound leveling for high-quality episodes, fast; and
  • A selection of built-in music, or users can upload their own.

Auxbus will operate independently within Libsyn, and we understand that its feature will gradually be integrated into Libsyn’s hosting and distribution suite.

Auxbus Chief Engineer and system architect, Ryan DuVal, will join Libsyn to lead its newly formed Creation product line. Auxbus founder, Dan Radin, will provide transitional and strategic consulting services to Libsyn.

Laurie Sims, Libsyn President and Chief Operating Officer, stated “Podcasting has undergone dramatic acceleration of new-show formation over the last 12 months, as the creator economy matures and content creators seek durable means of connecting with their audiences. The addition of Auxbus is beneficial to Libsyn’s platform as a one-stop shop for podcasters from veteran professionals to first-timers seeking assistance and guidance on making their initial show a success.”


Brad Hill