Kantar finds smart speakers are not a gift that keeps on giving

Kantar Media shared new insights about smart speakers in the United States. The latest Worldpanel ComTech data revealed that the net promoter score, a ratio of a product’s likely recommenders versus its detractors, has dropped from 30 to 20 for smart speakers.

Within that total figure, however, existing smart speaker owners have shown less change in their score. Existing owners reported an NPS of 25 in the latest responses, while new owners had a score of -1.

Kantar hypothesized that the split in appreciation of smart speakers could be related to whether the owner actively sought out their device or were given one. People who bought their own smart speakers had an NPS of 36, compared to a score of 4 for those who were gifted the devices.

“While early adopters and purchasers might be prepared to understand that the technology will have limits as it is relatively new and be prepared to invest time to set up, those who receive as a gift are less tolerant, less patient and generally have higher expectations,” said Dominic Sunnebo, Kantar’s global director.

Anna Washenko