James Cridland’s Weekly Links: Radiodays and radio personalities

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james cridland radio futurologist 300wA fun few days at Radiodays Europe last week in Milan – 1,300 delegates make it the world’s biggest radio conference. I think what sticks with me is two things I heard, repeatedly, from fellow delegates: “wow, it’s really positive here” and “I love that ‘the future’ is weaved into every session, and not just the subject of one talk.” I think there’s a lot to be said about positivity about the radio industry: For all its faults, it’s still amazingly popular and successful, and we shouldn’t forget that. You’ll find a few pieces on it below, but I’ve deliberately chosen non-European coverage just for kicks.

Bits of Radiodays Europe

The UK


  • The excellent Molly Wood is doing tech radio, finally – good news. I listen to Marketplace Tech most mornings, so it’ll be nice to hear her voice as a host.
  • Apple Opens Up iTunes Radio to Automated Buying (in US only, as far as I can tell – is it actually available anywhere else yet?)
  • The Riviera hotel in Las Vegas is to be demolished. I almost feel sadness about that: a cheap room, within walking distance of the convention centre, and an almost-acceptable English pub on the gaming floor. Mind, it did have an air of the “to be knocked down” about it – particularly if you got the room facing the old roof-top swimming pool…
  • The Future of Ad Supported Media – fascinating and well researched piece from Dick Taylor


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