James Cridland’s Weekly Links: Radio X launches; Microsoft in the car; much more

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James Cridland sends us his weekly links fresh from his Next Radio conference last Monday, and with this to say about the launch of Radio X:

By the time you read this, “Radio X” will be on-air. A rebrand of Xfm, with Chris Moyles back on the radio for the first time in a few years. It’s had a couple of PR bumps over the last few weeks, but I wish it all the best – a radio station where personality and talent is the priority, not slavish following of a Selector log.

I wish, though, Global could have swapped Capital Xtra and Radio X’s bandwidth on national digital radio. Pouring millions of pounds into a launch of a station that is in mono, for the target demo they’re aiming at, appears a little short-sighted. The target (men 25-44) listen to radio 25% longer in-car than the rest of us; and it’ll sound poor in comparison to Radio 1 or Radio 2.

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