James Cridland’s Weekly Links: Is AM radio dead in Europe? How radio adapts to social. Much more.

James Cridland is Managing Director of media.info, and a U.K.-based radio futurologist. He is a consultant, writer and public speaker who concentrates on the effect that new platforms and technology are having on the radio business. Find out more or subscribe at http://james.cridland.nets

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James Cridland sends us this week’s compilation of interesting links along with big personal news that he, long known as a U.K.-based radio futurologist, will soon be a Brisbane Australia-based radio futurologist. He and his family will move in mid-November. “For me, it means that I can better serve Asian radio: a varied and exciting market with some of radio’s best audience figures, yet some of the fastest-moving technologies,” he says.

Links by James Cridland:

United Kingdom

  • Radio X is the big news this week. The station, which has “poached” Chris Moyles from BBC Radio 1, starts in just a week: and Xfm, the previous station, has now already been shut down. (The name change is partly symbolic, and partly because for most people Xfm won’t be on FM.) Here’s an interview with Chris Moyles in The Sun, where he sounds more mature and cleverer than ever. Notable that it’s being launched with personalities, not just a vacuous music positioner. Here’s a perceptive blog post, as ever, from Matt Deegan; and a note that Radio X is super-serving Men 20-44, according to Adam Bowie. Hattie Pearson is excited about her new show on Radio X – and shares the frustration of waiting to share the news.
  • For regulatory reasons, while XFM Manchester and XFM London’s FM frequencies can rebroadcast Radio X, Xfm Glasgow can’t; and instead of persevering with an underpowered transmitter, Ofcom have simply handed the licence back. This was reported by The Scottish Sun as ‘exclusive’, even though RadioToday UK reported it four days previously – that’s how the media works. Here’s what to do with Glasgow’s 96.3FM spare frequency according to Art Grainger; though typically Ofcom don’t re-advertise licences they’ve had handed back; much to the irritation of some Glasgow would-be broadcasters.
  • There’s more going on in Glasgow – first, the return of Scottie McClue. Dinky Doo! Tell ten to tell ten he’s back on-air, etc. He’s a talented broadcaster, completely understanding that characters work on-air. Meanwhile, BBC Scotland needs to change, says an opinion piece for The Herald. Much of this rings true.
  • The London trial DAB multiplex is testing – interesting. I wonder if the deep, dark depths of N14 can get it? Not yet tried.
  • British Labels to BBC: ‘Just Pay for the Damn Streaming Service, Okay?’ – this website is hideously biased and provably unreliable tosh, but this story has also been reported in more reputable websites too.
  • TechCon 2015 is coming. I’ll be in Atlanta, but you should be there.


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