“It goes without saying…” Amazon on podcast hiring spree as ART19 is folded in

Yesterday’s late-afternoon acquisition of ART19 was buttoned down by Amazon with exceptional discipline. Which is to say nobody in either company would talk about it. We received background clarity from both parties, but not a single quote or on-the-record mention of the word “acquisition.”

But Kintan Brahmbhatt, GM Podcasts (Director) at Amazon, celebrated more openly in social media. “I am thrilled to welcome Sean Carr, Lex Friedman and the ART19 team to Amazon. We are excited to innovate together on behalf of our customers.”

Then: “It goes without saying,” he remarked, “we are hiring several engineers, engineering managers, product managers, technical program managers and more across all levels in San Francisco and Los Angeles” to “define the future of podcasts.”

Brahmbhatt doesn’t link to a listing page, but a “podcasts” query on Amazon Music’s career page displays a gigantic range of opportunities.


Brad Hill