International Podcast Day (Sep. 30) steps away from live stream celebration

The annual International Podcast Day is Thursday of this week (September 30), and is also an organization which started it in 2014. That year is when Serial was launched, and accordingly marks the start of the modern podcast era. The annual commemoration, according to the organization, is “an international celebration of the power of podcasts.”

That year, and each year since, the leaders have created extensive programs of live-streamed podcasts. In 2014 it was an American event (actually called “National Podcast Day” in 2014, changing to “International Podcast Day” the following year).

In the following six years, the International Podcast Day celebration featured 350 podcasters from nearly 100 countries in vast live-stream promotions and celebrations.

In what the group calls “a difficult decision,” there will not be a live streaming commemoration in 2021. No particular reason was given in the announcement, but it’s easy to imagine and respect the effort and resources needed to create such a program.


“Without question, our community has organically grown International Podcast Day into something much bigger than we could have ever imagined.” –International Podcast Day


Everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag #InternationalPodcastDay in social recognitions.


Brad Hill