INRIX, a connected car software provider, adds Napster and other streaming services

Napster rebrand canvasMusic service Napster sent us a note that it has been added to the OpenCar platform developed by INRIX. INRIX is a U.S.-based software and services company that develops connectivity products for car makers.

Napster is one of several audio services that have been incorporated into OpenCar, including Dash Radio,, NPR, Rivet Radio, Slacker Radio, and Stitcher.¬†OpenCar, Inc. is an owned subsidiary of INRIX, which bought that software company a year ago. At that time, INRIX CEO Brian Mistele noted that INRIX services were in half of the world’s connected cars, and predicted that by 2020 over a quarter-billion such cars would be on the road. OpenCar competes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, notably differentiating by allowing the car company to customize how the service is framed in the car. OpenCar is a white label solution for carmakers.

INRIX sells its services in 50 countries, and the global Napster’s response to its inclusion has a global scope: “We’re thrilled to integrate Napster into INRIX OpenCar,” said Darryl Wood, Vice President of Engineering. “With 92% of Napster subscribers around the world enjoying streaming music in their car, we’re excited to be part of a standardized platform that helps automakers stay at the cutting edge of the connected car experience. Ultimately, this integration will make it easier for drivers to access the content they want.”

Brad Hill