Indie hip-hop label joins Twitch’s music ranks

Twitch logo canvasTwitch has been toying with legal musical options for its members to play in the background of their videos. The platform made its name as a service for people to live stream their time spent playing video games. In response to some copyright issues with unlicensed music being played in gamers’ previously recorded, on-demand videos, Twitch launched a beta Music category in January.┬áCanadian EDM label Monstercat kicked off the new venture with a 24/7 radio playlist channel. Another label has now joined this Twitch niche.

Rhymesayers is an independent hip-hop label representing artists including Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, and Grieves. Like Monstercat, its channel features a continual playlist of songs that streamers can use in the background of their videos. However, it is also exploring other combinations of music and gaming, with the playlist occasionally interrupted by community gaming nights.

Anna Washenko