iHeartRadio adds slate of NPR podcasts

iHeartRadio and National Public Radio (NPR) are doing business. An announcement on the iHeart blog says that over 30 NPR podcasts are now available. We count 36 shows in the app today — mostly hit shows that any podcast directory would like to distribute to retain fans. Invisibilia, TED Radio Hour, Fresh Air, Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Politics, and other familiar titles are in there.

In the announcement, iHeartRadio takes the opportunity to mention a 60% rise in podcast listening in the iHR app, “with no signs of slowing down.” The announcement also mentions one of iHeartRadio’s key competitive advantages: access on different platforms such as connected cars and wearables, where iHeart is always quick to integrate.

Outside of this small but important content bucket, iHeartRadio’s podcast directory contains over 9,000 podcasts in 19 categories.

Brad Hill