“I spent millions” — Jordan Harbinger’s three lessons to podcast advertisers

In a revealing public statement alongside being featured in Startups magazine, top podcaster Jordan Harbinger (The Jordan Harbinger Show) lays out his marketing strategy.


“Here’s something most people don’t know about me. I spent millions of my own dollars on podcast advertising (third party shows) to grow The Jordan Harbinger Show’s audience.” –Jordan Harbinger


Spending millions of marketing dollars to start up a new podcast is revealing enough by itself. (As well as being daunting and impractical for nearly all solo ventures.)

Harbinger is clearly addressing enterprise-level podcast planning. IN that vein he offers three key points:

1️⃣ Scripted reads feel inauthentic and causes the host to lose credibility with the audience. You are buying trust. Give the podcaster creative freedom.

2️⃣ Not every show has “Product Audience Fit”. Unfortunately, you only find out by trying lots of different slots. Sure, your gut instinct develops over time, but there are PLENTY of surprises along the way (stay tuned as I share more of those in the coming weeks as well)

3️⃣ When you find the show that really works, go big, that’s how you get the return over the tests that didn’t work.

It’s a spend-to-find roadmap, and the treasure is one or more shows which perform spectacularly. He says that’s when you “go big,” collecting returns which pay for the less successful tests. In his own experience, Harbinger found one show that quickly delivered tens of thousands of new listeners.

HERE is his statement.

Brad Hill