HP launches HP Lounge, a re-branded online radio service

HP logo canvasHP announced a rebranding of its Connected Music service. The streaming platform is now known as HP Lounge, and offers free radio-style streaming of tracks from Universal Music.

This music platform is only available for people using an HP device. It comes pre-installed on new computers from the tech company. At this point, we don’t know whether HP might open up the service to other hardware platforms. That may not be likely unless it is actively working behind the scenes to build a more comprehensive and unique catalog.

The Universal-only catalog makes a small song library compared to HP’s bog global competitors — but it’s unclear exactly how HP is competing here. A quick tour of HP Lounge (on an HP laptop) directed us to the HP store to “buy the latest model” computer. It’s fair to speculate that HP Lounge will not be compelling enough to drive computer purchases. For current HP users of Windows 8.1 and 10 machines, the free service could provide pleasing lean-back listening in the same way that Amazon’s Prime Music offers streaming music to existing customers with a relatively small catalog.

RAIN News Staff

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  1. HP Lounge..What is the point of choosing an artist to listen to and then get only 1 track followed by a load of stuff you may not like…seems pointless..unless I am missing something..waste of time.

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