Hottest wearable: The Dash – wireless earbuds, music storage, fitness tracker

The Dash 300wForget Google Glass. For audio, the hot wearable device is The Dash, which mashes in-ear listening with Bluetooth streaming, onboard music storage, and … wait for it … fitness tracking. This intersection of features takes a bite out of at least four markets: wireless speakers, wired headphones, subscription downloads, and fitness wrist bands.

The Dash is currently rampaging through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, nearly doubling its goal with a month and a half to go. Any pledge gets a discount from the $299 suggested retail price when The Dash launches in October. A $199 pledge delivers a free pair — a $100 saving.

For our money (metaphorically speaking), the 4GB music storage is a killer feature. A self-contained music system that can be carried in the change pocket of a pair of jeans seems like a must-have for traveling. And wirelessly connecting your ears to your smartphone in non-airplane situations relieves that unseemly dangling-cord problem.

Fitness tracker? Whatever. Sound quality? To be determined. In-ear fit? One never knows before buying any earbuds. Concept? Outstanding.

Brad Hill

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this for years! Looking forward to ditching the cord and saving countless lives in the process (e.g., hitting people on the bus/train untangling the cord; strangling myself; etc.). Happy to be an early investor!

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