HBO debuts limited-run podcast to support new TV series

HBO has launched a limited-run podcast to accompany one of its new shows. The podcast is titled Where Do You Exist? and the first episode is currently available on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. The show episodes were recorded live, with host Chris Garcia and guest speakers sharing their stories of personal discovery. It was designed as a complement to Here And Now, a drama series about redefining family in light of current political, familial, cultural, spiritual, and psychological issues.

“Here And Now dares to explore the multifaceted nature of family and identity in modern society, and we felt that it was important we capture the nuance of each person’s own lived experiences when putting together the podcast,” said Lucinda Martinez, SVP Multicultural and International Marketing at HBO. “The deeply intimate structure of podcasting provided a unique opportunity to convey the show’s principal themes through the eyes of thought leaders and tastemakers who are going through life’s ebbs and flows, every day, just like many of us.”

HBO has made several forays into the podcast space. The network has worked with both 2 Dope Queens and Pod Save America to create television specials out of the audio programs.

Anna Washenko

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