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Google takes “infographic” to the next level with a flowing interactive timeline of music genre popularity from 1950 to the present. You can see at a glance, as if from a cross-section of musical strata, how pop and rock displaced jazz in the 1960s, and how indie and hip-hop ate into those categories starting in the 1980s.

Key albums are connected to their points in the time. (And they connect YOU to the Google Play store to buy them!)

There is a crush of genres squeezed into the upper part of the timeline; nudge your mouse in there and click on any one to expand it into its own timeline.

Fun as this is as a broad historical snapshot, there’s a lot missing. Most of the album high points are after 1980. The Beatles seem to be missing entirely, which, you might argue, discredits the whole thing.

Brad Hill

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  1. Interesting what it says about people who use Google Play Music. Not many country fans it seems.

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