Global brings podcast support to its entertainment app

Global, the UK-based media and entertainment conglomerate, announced that it will launch support for podcasts in its Global Player app. The software platform lets listeners tune in to all of Global’s radio brands. Now it will also house a library of 1,500 premium podcasts. Shows produced by Global will be available as well as programming from the BBC and popular shows such as Serial and Stuff You Should Know. Episodes can be streamed online through the app or downloaded for offline listening.

The addition of podcasts marks the first major update to the Global Player app since its debut. Global said it will roll out further updates in the coming months. The podcast support is available in the iOS version of the app now, and will roll out to Android in early 2019.

“We’re so excited to bring this huge dimension to Global Player, Global’s entertainment hub,” said James Hickman, director of digital for Global. “We wanted to build a deep and content rich experience, as well as a one stop shop for Podcasts. Global Player is now that place.”

“The simplicity of design, smart functionality and surfacing of content, great search and easy downloads, as well as the huge variety of content from so many publishers, makes Global Player the best podcast platform out there,” Global Founder and Executive President Ashley Tabor OBE said. “We’re very excited and proud to bring this massive new functionality to Global Player, Global’s entertainment hub. It’s growing fast!”

Anna Washenko