Germany reportedly has 2.5 million premium streaming subscribers

German flag canvas

New research found that Germany reportedly has 2.5 million are paying for premium streaming services out of about 11.6 million total listeners on streaming platforms. The study, conducted by market research institute GfK for the music trade body BVMI, also reported that 6.4 million German people listen to ad-supported streaming for more than 90 minutes each week.

The country’s music industry was one of the only ones where CDs and physical formats still accounted for a majority of sales in 2014. But streaming posted an impressive 79% growth over the year. These latest figures also found that among the 65% of survey respondents who were not using a streaming platform, the ongoing monthly payments of subscriptions were a negative aspect. We’ll be curious to see how the role of freemium develops in international markets.

Anna Washenko