Frequency Podcast Network unveils fall 2021 slate: 9 new shows

Toronto-based Frequency Podcast Network, owned by Rogers Radio, has released a slate of new and new-season 2021 podcasts for fall release. The schedule includes nine shows (see below). 

Frequency was created by Rogers in mid-2018, with a single show: The Big Story, a daily show breaking down a single news story.

“With more and more Canadians tuning into podcasts, we’re incredibly excited to expand our fan-favourite roster of shows to reach more diverse audiences,” said Jordan Heath-Rawlings, Director of Frequency Podcast Network and Host of The Big Story. “Plus, this season’s collection offers a variety of unique stories and conversations that are all proudly made by Canadian creators.”

Here are the new fall podcasts one of them a spinoff of The Big Story:

The Reheat – Celebrity gossip is fun, but it can also be educational. Available now, The Reheat takes the biggest pop culture stories of yester-year and re-examines them through the lens of today. With wit, research, and tons of intersectional feminist critiques, hosts Sadaf Ahsan and Sarah Sahagian will blow your mind with their analysis of all the vintage celebrity scandals you remember, and some you don’t. From revisiting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce to The House of Gucci Murders, and a restorative reading of The Kardashians, Sadaf and Sarah will challenge your pop culture worldview.

Pinoy Nation – Frequency’s first bilingual podcast, made in partnership with OMNI News: Filipino Edition, is available in both English and Tagalog. Beginning September 8, the bi-weekly series takes a deep dive into the important events and stories that resonate with Filipinos in Canada and overseas. From hot-button topics like immigration, permanent residency and temporary foreign workers, to lighter stories about basketball and Filipino-Canadian rap, Pinoy Nation looks at every aspect of Filipino-Canadian life.

The Big Story: Canada Votes – Frequency’s flagship daily show, The Big Story, follows the campaign trail closely ahead of the Canadian federal election. Listeners can look forward to in-depth policy review on each of the party platforms, commentary on polling trends and an inside look at key battleground ridings across the country. Tune in now until September 20 as we get to know each of the parties, their leaders, and how their policies will impact the lives of Canadians.

Black Tea – Returning for Season 3 on September 27, Melayna Williams and Dalton Higgins spill the tea on timely, topical issues in Black popular culture and have plenty of laughs while doing it. Whether it’s politics, media, art, lifestyle, sports, fashion, or straight up gossip, Mel and Dalton keep it 100 – straight, no chaser. Topics this season include the history of Canada’s Africville, the intersection of academia, pop culture, Black moms, and weed. Prepare to learn, laugh, and get uncomfortable as Mel and Dalton guide you through necessary conversations surrounding race.

Parkdale Haunt – The smash-hit serialized horror show is back to haunt your feeds on September 27. Claire has returned from her country retreat, but Judith and Owen know that not all is well. Gone is their loveable mess of a friend. She’s been replaced with a shiny, perky go-getter who won’t stop until she sets the world on fire. But why does new Claire get so…angry sometimes? Who are the people who have started to gather at her Parkdale house? And just what exactly is Claire preaching in those “mindfulness” sessions of hers? The more Judith and Owen learn, the more they realize that new Claire is fiery, and anyone who stands in her way is doomed to burn.

Hot Plate: Inside the System – COVID-19 has affected almost everything in our lives – with food and drink being no exception. On October 7, contemporary food culture critics Mirella Amato and Joshna Maharaj are back with a 12-episode mini-series all about how our food system has been impacted over the past year and a half. From the food waste that was reported on early in the pandemic to food security and the struggle and resilience of restaurants, bars, and cafes – this season highlights an opportunity to rebuild a stronger, better connected, more sustainable food system.

Tracking a Killer: The Cold Case Files – Every year, thousands of people in Ontario are reported missing and dozens end up being victims of homicide. While most missing people are eventually found, and many murders are solved, some are not. On October 18, CityNews reporters Fil Martino and Madison Fitzpatrick take a closer look at the cold cases that refuse to crack. Hear from victims’ friends and family and the detectives who spend years searching for answers.

Fireside Canada – Canada is a land of stories. From strange creatures and tormented spirits, to shapeshifting witches and even flying canoes – join David Williams as he explores Canada’s legends, myths, and ghost stories. Binge the entire first season on August 27, with Season 2 debuting with weekly episodes in October.

How 2 Dog – The ulti-mutt podcast for dog lovers returns for Season 2! On November 1, world-renowned animal expert Sherri Davis (and dog handler from Citytv original series Hudson & Rex) speaks to fellow experts and uses her own experience to answer your questions about our four-legged friends. This season’s topics include bonding with a new puppy, understanding dog communication, dog dreams, and tips for travelling with your canine friend. Call the hotline to ask your question at 1-833-HOW-2-DOG.


Brad Hill