Free Webinar: Programmatic fast-tracks revenue growth

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The time to register is now for the latest RAIN Report: Programmattic Fast-Tracks Revenue Growth for Digital Audio, a free webinar and whitepaper produced in collaboration with WideOrbit.

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Sign up now for a remaining virtual seat. The webinar is next Tuesday, June 2, at 2pm EDT. Join hundreds of professionals for this valuable presentation.

Programmatic buying is a trend that will increasingly influence the online audio marketplace. What impact will it have? Hear WideOrbit EVP of Digital and Programmatic Brian Burdick, and RAIN News Managing Editor Brad Hill, as they identify digital audio’s programmatic opportunity and discuss the enormous potential it presents for publishers.

Key topics include:

  • Digital audio’s current valuation challenge: Why is audio undervalued compared to video?
  • Digital audio’s liquidity issues: What prevents audio inventory from moving without friction in the market?
  • Key frictions that prevent digital audio from receiving consideration from national buyers: Five operational bottlenecks you might not be considering.
  • Why programmatic is the solution: What programmatic brings to the table for sellers.

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RAIN News Staff