France posts second year of recorded music revenue growth

France posted a 3.9% increase in recorded music revenue in 2017. The Syndicat National de l’édition Phonographique, or SNEP, reported annual sales of €583 million in a second year of growth. Streaming revenue increased 23% for the year, reaching €243 million and securing a 41.6% share of the French market.

Most of that streaming revenue (83.5%) stems from subscriptions, and the rest of the revenue is from ad-supported listening. Although subscriptions are the larger portion, at 21% it grew more slowly than ad-funded revenue (33%). France currently boasts 4.4 million streaming subscribers.

Digital sources were responsible for a 49% share of France’s recorded music market. Physical is the majority of sales, but revenue for that segment did fall 4.7% last year to €298 million.

Anna Washenko