First Episode: New Podcasts for weekend listening

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“I’m Just Talking Here” podcast. Surprisingly addictive despite cuteness.

Weekends were invented for catching up on new podcasts. We’ll check the historical accuracy of that statement, and in the meantime we present new and almost-new shows for your consideration. Happy Friday.

The new NAB Podcast: So, the first one is industry-related. So much for weekend getaways. The National Association of Broadcasters has jumped into podcasting with a program imaginatively called The NAB Podcast (hey, descriptive titles just work). The NAB promises “a bi-weekly podcast focused on public policy issues, new technologies and proven business strategies for radio broadcasters.” the hosting platform is BlogTalkRadio, and the first episode features NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith. [LISTEN]

Rolling Stone rolls out its first show: See what we did there? Our wit gathers no moss. Anyway, the new show is called Rolling Stone Music Now (sigh), or will be when it launches. Executive Editor Nathan Brackett will be the host, and with the venerable publication’s enviable artist relationships, this could be a good one. Read all about it and hear the trailer here, or go to Rolling Stone on SoundCloud[LISTEN TO THE TRAILER]

Jonah Keri enters the Nerdist lineup: Nerdist is expanding its podcast portfolio in a self-admiring way, as author Jonah Keri starts a new show by interviewing Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick. First episode is today, thereby justifying the title of our feature. [LISTEN]

I’m Just Talking Here: Ollie Wisdom: Ollie is a little girl with a big personality and good media instincts. Her show is gently moderated by her dad, who prompts here along and helps develop repeating features. We don’t know about the wisdom part, but surprising moments of humor accumulate into an addictive package in this show which started January 10. In one segment, they create a (very) short story by trading sentences. In the fourth sentence, Ollie describes a toaster being stabbed to death by a fork. “That got dark,” her dad murmurs. [LISTEN]

Brad Hill