Eric Bieschke, Chief Scientist at Pandora, to speak at RAIN Summit Indy

eric bieschkeRAIN Summit Indy announces that Eric Bieschke, Chief Scientist at Pandora who leads one of the most significant Big Data operations in digital music, will be a speaker. Bieschke will participate in the “Big Data in Streaming Audio” panel. (CLICK HERE for registration info.)

Eric Bieschke joined Pandora as its second employee in 2000. He built the first prototypes for playlist algorithms — the machine intelligence that determines which songs you hear in a Pandora music station. Over the ensuing 14 years, Pandora’s Music Genome Project has added a deep layer of human music analysis.¬†Beischke leads the team of data scientists, recommendation specialists, and engineers to combine a nearly infinite universe of data points into delivering Pandora’s goal of “the right track to the right listener at the right time.”

Pandora serves 250-million registered users and 77-million active monthly listeners. Over time, the data operation has compiled more than 40-billion points of user feedback (voting on songs with thumbs-up and thumbs-down, plus song-skipping data). Bieschke helms the entire opration, combining collective intelligence and large-scale machine learning to deliver a highly personalized radio experience.

Eric Bieschke will bring his unique depth of experience and preeminent reputation as a data guru to RAIN Summit Indy on September 9 at the Indiana Convention Center. RAIN Summit Indy is a partner event of The Radio Show. CLICK HERE for continually updated information, and to register.

Brad Hill

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