Episode 3 – Andrew Yang, Sports Conversation, Podcast-19

Three new podcasts!

Yang Speaks -Ex-presidential candidate Andrew Yang has partnered with the Cadence13 network for a weekly podcast. It’s mainly a spotlight for Yang, even though his campaign is over, to promote his ideas, prominent among which is the Universal Basic Income program which was a pillar of his campaign, and which has gained more momentum now than during the campaign. (Yang can thank the economic disruption of Covid-19 for that.) In addition, the show is basically a chatcast covering many topics and featuring many guests, facilitated by Zach Graumann, Yang’s ex-campaign manager. Two shows have dropped. The first is just Andrew and Zach, the second features Ken Jeong, who used to be a doctor and is now a comedian. The episodes are settling into a 60-minute format.

Run It Again – 

This is a sports podcast produced by Benztown. If there is any production house in the world that knows how to create highly compressed and loud audio it is Benztown. (Listen to the trailer below.) The in-your-face production style is interesting marketing, as it is pure commercial radio, produced by a house whose main business is making radio imaging and jingles. Most podcast marketing (and shows) strive to differentiate from radio with a softer conversational approach. And in fact, Run It Again is actually straight-ahead conversation once you get into the show … at least the first episode which features NFL sportscaster Ron Pitts and analyst Mike Martz from FOX Sports. The rationale here is to skip the daily details of standings and game highlights (makes sense, given no games presently), and focus on inside stories of the sports industry.

Podcast-19 – This carefully articulated show is produced by FiveThirtyEight, the company known for data-driven news and statistical analysis. There is a partnership with ABC News. Podcast-19 has a mission to separate fact from myth, certainty from mystery. Anna Rothschild is the host — she has years of experience reporting on science, health and the environment, and her work has won awards from scientific organization. The show is part news update and part interview. The first episode dropped on May 1, and comes in at a clean 30 minutes.

Brad Hill