Eight shows enter Triton Digital Podcast Report ranker; top publishers remain the same

Most podcast rankers illuminate the concentration and stability of success — in other words, they don’t change much. Triton Digital’s every-four-weeks list of ranked 100 shows provides more oxygen, enabling rising shows to breathe in the exposure.

‘The latest report, representing Feb. 1 through Feb. 28 (an instance of the four-week schedule aligning with a calendar month, probably as rare as an eclipse) shows eight podcasts climbing into the Top 100 Podcasts by Downloads chart. They are:

  • Mommy Doomsday (#46, Stitcher Media)
  • And That’s Why We Drink (#48, Kast Media)
  • Myths and Legends (#71, Kast Media)
  • Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer (#72, NBCUniversal News Group)
  • IMPAULSIVE (#84 Kast Media)
  • The Viall Files (#91 Kast Media)
  • This Past Weekend (#94 Kast Media)
  • Rotten Mango (#99, Audioboom)

Kast Media the clear winner of the new-entry sweepstakes.

On the publisher side, which ranks the top 15, it’s the same cohort, with slight and unremarkable shifts of position. They are:

  1. NPR
  2. Stitcher Media
  3. Entercom/Cadence13/Pineapple Street Studios
  4. Cumulus Media/Westwood One
  5. Audioboom
  6. NBCUniversal News Group
  7. Wondery
  8. AdLarge/cabana
  9. Kast Media
  10. WarnerMedia
  11. FOX News Podcasts
  12. Salem Communications
  13. All Things Comedy
  14. CBC/Radio-Canada
  15. Bonneville International

As always, the Triton U.S. Podcast Report includes Triton Digital measurement clients.


Brad Hill