Ears Buds is latest podcast network to launch in Australia

Australia is building up a strong coterie of local podcast talent. The latest company to launch in support of the podcasting industry is called Ear Buds. The Melbourne-base podcast network takes a local approach, featuring shows that “reflect the sound of the city.” Ear Buds is the latest venture from the Media Creatures production company. Its show roster covers topics across comedy, politics, football, and pop culture.

Since Ear Buds is focusing its work on one city, the company is also planning a more unusual and creative launch event. On August 18, the team will drive around town blaring its shows for all to hear. It’s a wildly creative idea, and even non-locals can check out how things go by following the #EarBudsTGIF hashtag. (Hat tip to James Cridland’s Podnews for putting yet another podcasting development on our radar.)

Anna Washenko