Dubset inks first major label deal with Sony Music

Sony Music has signed a deal with Dubset, a startup that helps with the management of rights in remixes and DJ sets. This agreement will allow artists to monetize their work when it is used in those modified formats, while the creators of those remixes and sets can be legally distributed to Apple Music and Spotify.

The arrangement is the first major label deal for Dubset. The startup secured $4 million in financing earlier this year to further its efforts in licensing remixes.

This type of reused and modified music has long posed a legal challenge, both for the people creating it and the artists who created the original tracks. This niche is a reason why SoundCloud, which is a popular platform for DJs, was so complicated for the labels prior to signing direct licensing deals. If Dubset is able to successfully satisfy the creative and business teams on both sides of the remix equation, it could mean a big shift in how remixes and similar content can be distributed and monetized.

Anna Washenko