DMR / Texas A&M podcast project releases new documents

In the ongoing collaboration of DMR Interactive and Texas A&M University called The Download on Podcasting, we get a Memorial Day update of the team’s work. With two new documents, the venture offers researched guidance on how to start podcasting.

In contrast with earlier whitepapers, which focused on podcast history and monetization, today’s releases target new producers with advice from many expert sources asbout structuring and promoting new shows.

Podcast Formats and Clocks includes a roundup of several podcast formats (e.g. Sports, Information, Comedy) and offers pie-chart clocks to apportion content, spots, and other show elements. Paul Riismandel (Midroll Media) is recruited for advice — he says that a clear-cut format helps listeners understand what they are getting, and it is crucial to stay within that format. “Tell people what to expect and deliver it. That’s what keeps listeners hanging on,” he says.

Podcasting 4-1-1 delivers an infographic with four bullet points featuring four experts who offer guidance:

  • Audience Awareness: (Ryan Hanely Media Lab)
  • Practice: (Lisa Wehr, consultant)
  • Promote: (Jessse Hopps, Demand Metric)
  • Stick to a Schedule: (Tom Martin (Hubspot)

Today’s new documents and previously released ones can be freely downloaded HERE.

Brad Hill