Digital audio listening +8.3% in 2020. More increase projected for 2021.

In a new eMarketer report, US Time Spent with Media 2021 Update, the company states that time spent on digital audio listening grew 8.3% in 2020. Projecting to this year, eMarketer expects a further time-spent gain of 4.8%.

The numbers are part of a larger examination of listening habits among Americans 18 years and older. Part of the analysis separates digital media from “traditional” media, and the results show a trend which widens the gap between them over several years:

One key metric from eMarketer: “U.S. adults spent 13:38 per day consuming media in 2020. Of this total, 7:50 was spent with digital media.”

The company also projects that by 2022, digital media will account for over 60% of all media time.


Brad Hill