Deezer partners with Gracenote so developers can create new Deezer apps

deezer and gracenote 300wGracenote announced that Deezer is adding its music identification tags (called track metadata) to Gracenote’s immense repository of music data. The result will be a connection to Deezer’s music catalog for developers, who can “hack” new user interactions with Deezer songs.

The partnership is interesting for both companies. For Paris-based Deezer, which operates in 180 non-U.S. countries, opening up its metadata could result in many new avenues of distribution. One priority for a music service is audience size, and while the flagship Deezer app will probably always be the big audience magnet, the company might accrue additional share via extension apps built by others, hooking in through Gracenote.

For Gracenote, which was recently acquired the Tribune Company, the connection is a competitive thrust into the music-intelligence space which has been governed (on the streaming service side) by The Echo Nest. The Echo Nest was recently acquired by former client Spotify, and some major music services (competing with Spotify) have discontinued their reliance on The Echo Nest technology in the wake of that acquisition.

Brad Hill