DAX partners on new original scripted drama from Global

DAX, the digital audio arm of Global, announced that it is the exclusive distribution and monetization partner for an audio drama titled America 2.0. The serial political drama, an original podcast from Global, is co-created by J.S. Mayank and David Carlyle. It stars Hollywood talents Laurence Fishburne and Patrick J. Adams, and is directed by Mayank. Geico and ADT Security are the initial advertisers on the six-part program. Episodes will be released weekly on iTunes and other audio platforms beginning today.

“We’re seeing tremendous growth in the podcast space as more and more people are consuming serials through audio channels,” said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US. “America 2.0 has all of the ingredients to build a loyal following – a timely story with a stellar cast – making it a valuable investment for brands and sponsors looking to connect with audiences in new ways.”

“America needs optimism, and America 2.0 is a true alternative to much of the heavy content that is being produced in the entertainment space right now,” Mayank said. “Having a distribution partner like DAX, which has access to the largest, most nuanced and sophisticated audience in the US, is critical to the podcast’s success.”

Anna Washenko