Coleman Insights launches Pod Predictor, a bespoke survey service for podcast ideation

With at least 12,000 new podcasts launched every month (according to ListenNotes), the meeting of idea with success is speculative at best. That’s the premise behind a new service launched by media research and insights firm Coleman Insights — Pod Predictor.

Pod Predictor, which is available to all podcast creators at every level, is a survey service which questions 1,000 18-64 year old podcast listeners in the U.S. and Canada. The goal is to determine how appealing a new show idea would be to the market at large.

Coleman VP Jay Nachlis observes: “So much money and time is invested in the launch of new podcasts without any intel as to how that content will be received.” Nachlis asserts that Pod Predictor can determine the popular appeal of a show’s concept. Pricing is not disclosed in the press notice about Pod Predictor, but Nachlis calls it “affordable.”

In addition to the broad survey results, clients of this service receive a breakdown by age, gender, ethnicity, and geography.

Brad Hill