Clipisode launches group video podcasts

Today marks the launch of Clipisode, a group video creation app which makes it easy to make crowdsourced group video podcasts. Though not marketed explicitly to radio or podcasting, Clipisode seems ideal for engaging listeners on a parallel platform, and was beta-tested by radio DJs and podcasters.

The startup is launching on Product Hunt — see the explanatory video from founder and serial entrepreneur Brian Alvey here.

The Clipisode experience starts with the user creating a brief callout for video replies, and posting that invitation socially (or emailing it to targeted potential contributors). An introductory video suggests asking a fun and thought-provoking question such as, “If you were stranded on a desert island, which TV show cast would you want to rescue you?” Radio and podcast hosts could launch more topical queries.

Replies get stitched together into a single video program, with all video formats normalized into a square which is optimized for social playback. The owner can choose to insert video comments in response to submissions, making a kind of moderated discussion and creating an entertaining flow.

Brian Alvey told RAIN News that a DJ in an upstate New York radio station was an early beta tester, and that podcasters are getting involved also.

Clipisode is operating on angel investment from Social Capital, and from a dozen individual investors including Mark Cuban and Jason Calacanis.


Brad Hill

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