Apple Music adds video section; exclusives may be back in play

Apple Music is getting an update that will place a spotlight on videos. The main “browse” tab now includes a music video section. The newest version of the streaming service comes with the iOS 11.3 update today.

As with the audio offerings, Apple Music’s video section will showcase a collection of new additions, exclusive content, and curated playlists. Some of the content is personalized to each user, while others are Apple-wide editorial decisions. The feature’s launch includes a few high-profile exclusive gets, such as Beck’s “Colors” and “The Space Program” from A Tribe Called Quest.

The music video section appears for anybody with the Apple Music app, but only subscribers will be able to watch the videos there.

Apple, like many streaming music outfits, has been expanding to offer a more multimedia experience to its users. Spotify has also been pushing into podcasts and video. (In an interesting twist, Spotify will be the exclusive home for Taylor Swift’s new music video when it debuts tonight. Quite the about-face.) Exclusive content had a big moment as services jockeyed for priority in listeners’ eyes, and that competitive undercurrent may be getting another expression with the major players’ moves into video.

Anna Washenko