Clip Interactive lands deal with Entercom for Portland station mobile apps

clip radio

Clip Interactive has announced¬†an agreement with Entercom¬†to create mobile apps for Entercom’s Portland radio stations.

The new apps will aloow listeners to interact with “all elements of the broadcast and stream.” The apps are designed to create additional station revenue, a projection based on other radio stations using Clip Interactive technology. The press release notes an “entirely new and significant revenue channel.”

“Our technology will increase Entercom’s user interactions and deliver better advertising results and increased ROI,” according to Bill Freund, Clip Interactive’s Chief Revenue Officer.

On the Entercom POrtand side, GM Tim McNamara said the mobile technology “will make the over-the-air broadcast interactive, helping our radio stations build stronger relationships with our listeners.”

Usability of the new apps includes downloading music, entering contests, taking polls, and responding to advertisements.

Clip Interactive was founded in 2012 and is HQ’d in Boulder, CO. the company mission centers around realizing the concept of “interactive radio.,” providing new value to listeners and advertisers.

Brad Hill