Classical violinist releases album exclusively on Idagio, as classical streaming service makes direct artist partnership

The classical music industry is rarely at the vanguard of technology in 21st-century digital music. But streaming service Idagio is taking a bold step. Partnering with Maxim Vengerov, on of the world’s top violinists, Idagio is exclusively releasing his albums starting with the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, a stalwart and perennially popular piece of violin repertoire.

“This is a new chapter in my recording life,” Vengerov said. “I have specifically selected IDAGIO as a partner going forward because of the high audio quality they offer their subscribers, as well as their remarkably comprehensive and easy to navigate catalogue. IDAGIO is a pioneer in classical music and offers experiences no other streaming service can compete with. IDAGIO is a platform that allows sharing and can broaden anyone’s interest in classical music, whatever the degree of knowledge.”

The Idagio service offers a  free-listening tier, and pay services for high-rez listening.

The deal with Venerov is not a one-off. A second release, featuring a live recital from Carnegie Hall, will be available in February. Following the violinitst’s Royal Albert Hall concert on June 12, further recordings will be released to mark his 40 years on the stage.

We asked an Idagio representative whether we might say that Idagio is taking the role of a record label in this relationship. Not excatly, we learned: “IDAGIO is not stepping into the role of a record label and has an exclusive licensing agreement with Maxim Vengerov, which enables IDAGIO to solely make the content available to its listeners. IDAGIO did not finance the recordings and do not own the master recordings.”

Till Janczukowicz, CEO and Founder of IDAGIO: “Maxim Vengerov is one of the most extraordinary artists of our time. From the first moment of our initial conversation, I was impressed by his clear view on IDAGIO’s mission: a dedicated streaming service for classical music that inspires the next generation of listeners and that supports the next generation of artists. For me, Maxim represents both the tradition and the future of classical music. He is a direct heir to 3 musical giants: Mstislav Rostropovich, who was his mentor and who was himself mentored by Shostakovich and Prokofieff. An artistic legacy that Maxim passes on to the young generation of artists in his capacity as a teacher. Partnering with Maxim, is an honor for IDAGIO and it showcases perfectly how technology can foster great art.”

Brad Hill