Another supermarket podcast: Kroger

A bit of background: Trader Joe’s launched a high-profile podcast about itself in 2018. It just launched its third season, calibrated to the calendar year.

And now, the grocery store podcast category has doubled in size (as far as we  know), with the launch of Noshtalgiaa feel-good mix of family storytelling, recipes, and the values of grocery chain Kroger. Three episodes have been completed.

Kroger is a venerable food merchant founded in 1883 which, in 2019, was the highest-earning supermarket chain in America (according to Wikipedia), second only to Walmart in the general  retail category. So … Kroger is certainly deserving of a branded podcast.

On one of the show’s playback pages, it is credited as “A Kroger Company Production” — no branded podcast production specialists appear to be involved. Show quality doesn’t suffer for that — the hosting, sound, and editing are flawless. Distribution seems less  certain, however — we could not find Noshtalgia on Apple, Google, or Spotify.



Brad Hill