Cisneros Interactive acquires Audio.Ad network, to exclusively market streaming audio ads

cisneros logoCisneros Interactive, a digital advertising company addressing the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American audiences, has purchased a majority stake in Audio.Ad, a Latin American digital audio advertising network.

Cisneros Interactive will exclusively market Audio.Ad digital inventory, through its RedMas subsidiary. RedMas, a digital ad network not specifically focused on audio, was also acquired by Cisneros Interactive.

“This scenario empowers Audio.Ad’s business, which in its first three months conducted campaigns for more than 20 advertisers in six countries and established affiliations with the region’s main digital audio players,” said Gonzalo Alonso, managing director of Audio.Ad.

Cisneros’ Media division is entrenched in streaming, publishing 33 YouTube channels, and holding down a spot in the top-ten list of YouTube publishers.

“Cisneros Interactive continues its strategy for innovation in digital advertising, acquiring a majority interest in the first network of audio spots in the region,” said Victor Kong, the president of Cisneros Interactive.

Brad Hill