Case study produces ASMR audio ads for Sport Clips, with Veritonic research

In a fascinating and experimental case study, haircutting shop Sport Clips leverage audio effectiveness research by Veritonic and audio design agency Play Audio Agency, to create ASMR audio spots.

Veritonic explained to RAIN that ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is an audio experience which stimulates tingling sensations in some people which travel down from the top of the head into the back. Audio elements often used in ASMR videos include whispering, tapping, and rustling. Those videos are frequently used to induce pleasant sleepiness. Sport Clips’ goal is to induce a feeling of comfort experienced by haircut customers.

According to Veritonic’s publicity of the case study, “A growing number of brands have turned to adding the intimate and engaging phenomenon of ASMR into their marketing mix to build a powerful audio narrative that elicits a positive, physical response, further elevating brand awareness.”

The company kindly sent RAIN examples of the finished case-study spots. One of them is below. Headphones recommended. Good luck continuing your productive workday after listening.

Brad Hill