Canada’s Rogers Radio unveils Frequency Podcast Network

Canadian broadcaster Rogers Radio announced the launch of the Frequency Podcast Network. This network will serve as the home for all podcasts from Rogers Media, including Sportsnet shows like A Swing and a Belt with Dan Shulman and 31 Thoughts: The Podcast with Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek. It plans to add more original content over time.

“More than ever before, Canadians are listening to digital audio whether they’re at home or on-the-go commuting to work,” Rogers Radio Senior Vice President Julie Adam said. “Frequency Podcast Network provides our listeners a home-base for the highest quality audio content and allows our sales partners an opportunity to align their brands.”

The network is anchored by the media outlet’s original new show, The Big Story, which explores a single news item for 15 minutes. “From one curious person to another, The Big Story is for the people who ask big questions. It’s not a news segment, it’s about digging further into what’s impacting Canadians,” said host Jordan Heath-Rawlings, who is also director of digital radio and audio at Rogers Media. “We will delve into the story that’s everywhere, the one everyone has an opinion on. And whether it’s serious, funny, terrifying or occasionally bizarre, we’ll arm you with a deeper understanding and a new perspective.”

Anna Washenko