Cadence13 and MarketSnacks launch daily business podcast; we speak with Chris Corcoran

Podcast company Cadence13 is partnering with business newsletter publisher MarketSnacks to start a daily business/tech podcast. It is called MarketSnacks Daily, and the first episode drops tomorrow, May 23. (Show page, hosted by ART19, HERE)

The MarketSnacks newsletter is known for its accessibility: “Quick, digestible, and entertaining.” The podcast will carry forward that friendly and jargon-free tone.

“Finance news doesn’t need to wear a suit. Nick and I met as freshman year roommates and we started MarketSnacks at a bar. We break down the news for you so it’s digestible and fun, like you’re right there with us,” said Jack Kramer, Co-CEO of MarketSnacks.

The show enters the growing morning news podcast space, competing not only with general shows like The Daily and Up First, but with established business shows like Marketplace Morning Report.

RAIN News asked Cadence13, which helps produce the show in addition to selling advertisers into it, for some strategic insight. We received replies from Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran. The exchange follows:

Who do you regard as key competitors in the morning financial news category?

“When we look at it, the MarketSnacks audience is the young woman or man who is building their way up. They need the quick 15-20 minute dose of information as they begin their day, commute in or hit the gym. The CNBCs and Bloombergs of the industry provide great information. However, with a podcast like MarketSnacks, it’s the information, ease and access that pushes it over. Hosts Jack Kramer and Nick Martell already have a successful daily newsletter that appeals to both women and men, especially millennials. This is not your father’s (or mother’s) financial news show.”

Will the show be in the News/Flash Briefing lineups of Google Home and Alexa?

“Yes, we plan to make the show available on all leading smart speakers.”

How important is smart speaker distribution to the success of a daily news podcast?

“We’ve certainly all read how smart speakers are changing our daily lives. For daily news that’s no different. What will be curious to see is when listening is happening. That will define the importance of the smart speaker for a daily. Is it when they wake up, or is it on the ride in?”

Any sponsors at launch?

“Yes, we have a number of sponsors for launch. It’s a credit to our advertisers who believe and invest in the medium. Clients continue to educated themselves and evolve with us. For an advertiser being first to market with a program, it’s a great way for them to brand themselves with the identity of the show.”

Does Cadence13 contribute to production, either with facilities or cost?

“One of our key differentiators is that Cadence13 provides an integrated approach to show development, production, launch and monetization. This includes a senior in-house production team that collaborates closely with our partners, access to studios around the country and top audio mastering.”

Is syndication to Entercom OTA stations on the roadmap?

“We are always talking with our partners at Entercom about which podcasts are a good fit for OTA. That’s the beauty of what we do. It allows us to evolve programming and when the timing is right, take that next step.”


Brad Hill