Branded burst from Midroll: four new podcasts

Midroll Brand Studio, a division of podcast content and advertising company Midroll Media, announced the start of four new shows, each with presenting sponsors. A presenting sponsor changes the marketing equation of the show’s business model — ad inventory is not offered into a broader market, generally. The show is co-owned by the brand sponsors.

Three brand sponsors are mentioned in the announcement: ZipRecruiter, Squarespace, and Carbonite.

The programs star hosts of some celebrity in their fields:

Daymond John (a Shark Tank shark) — Rise and Grind with Daymond John. 10-episode series based on his book of the same name, John seeks advice from his most successful friends. [ZipRecruiter]

Car Fussman (author and interviewer) — Big Questions with Cal Fussman. Fussman hosts candid and revealing conversations with basketball legend Kobe Bryant, SoulCycle’s Melanie Whelan and others. [Squarespace and ZipRecruiter]

Seth Godin (author and leadership guru) — Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin. Launching Feb. 15, the series focuses on akimbo, an ancient concept describing the bend in a river or in an archer’s bow. [ZipRecruiter]

Bob Sullivan (journalist) — Breached. Takes a look at the biggest hack no one knew about: Yahoo. Three billion users are left vulnerable for three years and experts are still baffled. [Carbonite]


Brad Hill